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14th Apr 2013

Real life first-name:

Ingame nickname:

Previous nicknames:




What is your Xfire:

For how long have you known Sw:

Why did you choose to apply for us:

What part of the clan would you like to join? (WW or RW):

Did you make an introduction in Sw's forum? If not, then close this and make an Introduction before you submit the application:

Define what does A/D mean:

Did you read & do you agree to the rules and requirements of the Sw:

Are you willing to donate us money to help us funding the server via Paypal?:

List up all your previous clans & state up the reasons of leaving each:

What's your favourite Weapons set on AAD:

Have you ever applied for a clan and got denied/kicked out? If so, then list them up, including the reason of being denied in each of them, and post the topic Link of that application if found:

Have you ever been banned on any server? Why?:

Have you ever cheated before? And do you still do?:

Servers you usually attend to play at:

For how long have you been playing SAMP:

Are you good with Images/Videos editing? What program you use?

Why do you want to join Sw:

What would your reaction be if someone started flaming you randomly:

Are you able to handle an inactivity of a clan?

Would you have any problems if your application lasted more than a year or so?
Forum » Application Section » Application Form
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